Ancient Rome Travel

Hello travellers! Welcome to Ancient Rome Travel. We aim to seduce you with what Ancient Rome has to offer its visitors and we hope that you will also be tempted to visit after listening to what we have to say. You never know when you might be offered a cheap holiday to Italy, so if you end up in Rome our quick guides will help you to find sights and attractions to enjoy during your stay.

Over at Ancient Rome Travel we provide people with places they will possibly want to visit, including some of the greatest historical sites that Rome and other cities have to offer. We look at the fascinating ancient city of Pompeii, preserved for all time due to a volcanic eruption. We also talk about the great Roman Pantheon, the famous Piazza Navona, and other popular historic attractions that provide an insight into the days of the Roman Empire. And of course, no trip to Rome is complete without looking at the mighty Colosseum, one of the most fascinating and impressive structures in the world.

We even provide you with information about the Roman Gods, which may come in useful as you visit some of Rome’s ancient sites that are dedicated to the deities.


If you are not a fan of historical sites and admiring the greatness that was built throughout the millennia, then Rome has still something to offer visitors with a diverse range of tastes. There are lots of clubs and pubs for you to enjoy and you will be able to try out the fabulous Italian cuisine in the many cafes and restaurants in the city. There are also attractive delicatessens, particularly in Prati, selling locally made cheeses, pastries and more. Shopping opportunities are plentiful, with designer clothing and handmade crafts galore, and lots of locally made ceramics and beautiful jewellery for those who want to take home a top-quality souvenir. The Tridente area is well known for its interesting antiques shops, while Campo de Fiori is home to a wonderfully colourful food market.

Rome is home to a great arts scene, with performing arts and contemporary works especially within the Auditorium in the Viale Flaminio district. Many of Rome’s churches contain superb displays of floor mosaics and grand paintings by Venetian masters such as Veronese and Carpaccio.